Bespoke Viking ,Russ, Saxon and Norman hand made garments

Welcome to Iduna Crafts

Iduna Crafts is run by Michele who has been making outfits for re-enactors and friends since 2004.

Michele supplies directly to the public, Heritage centres and Museums top quality handmade Viking, Saxon garments and embroidery.

Viking, Anglo Saxon and Norman Age garments, Victoria Lace crochet.

Over 7 years experience making Historical handmade reproductions

Iduna-crafts is run by Michele since 2004.

Iduna-crafts takes pride in making Dark age reproductions for the public, museums and re-enactment world, providing hand made clothing for the periods of Viking, Saxon, Anglo-Saxon, Russ and Norman.

All products are Bespoke to your specifications, materials are chosen and purchased with me or you can provide your own.

When Placing an order please have ready your measurements, what period you are portraying eg. Viking, Saxon etc... and not to forget your extras.

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Mittens & GlovesLimited Editions

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Viking, Anglo Saxon and Norman Age Historical Handmade Reproductions